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Electronic Packaging and Production

Electronic apparatus and appliances - 1984

Engineered Automation Division, AB Tool & Manufacturing Inc. FET/Test. Inc. Fairchild Test Systems Group Hewlett-Packard Hy-Tronic Instruments, Inc. Keithley Instr Leader Instruments Corp. Loranger International Corp. Mastech Micro ...

550 pages

Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook: Material and Part Handling in Manufacturing

Creator: Philip Mitchel | Technology & Engineering - 1998

TOOL AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS HANDBOOK The Contributors of this chapter are: Jerome Barendt, ... with expertise in gantry loading cells and systems include Creative Automation, Plymouth, MI and MasTech, Troy, MI. Liebherr ...

Publisher: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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Get the expert advise you need to shrink handling costs, reduce downtime and improve efficiency in plant operations You'll use this comprehensive handbook during post design, process selection and planning, for establishing quality controls, tests, and measurements, to streamline production, and for managerial decision-making on capital investments and new automated systems.

128 pages



sUllWa|'E Ellg|llee|'—Design and develop software in business or manufacturing systems. ... Mastech represents global opportunity with a fast-track company that promotes opportunities in our consulting practice ranging from Y2K project ...

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